Disciples of Christ



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Sunday School…

We have classes for all ages.

Our Sunday School Brochure for  details

Belief Seekers

This class is geared to those who are seeking Biblical truths.  The main focus is our belief in God and Jesus Christ was the messenger.

Renaissance Class

The class encourages open dialogue and the free exchange of ideas while it attempts to affirm certain basic ideas in Christian philosophy.

Youth Ministry

Kindergarten through third grade class teaches the children the stories of the Bible through teaching materials that has a work- book, songs, stories, and DVDs. Usually, an activity or game is included with each lesson.

Discipulus Class

The class makes its primary focus studying the scripture directly from the Bible, using both commentaries and foot- notes. Other studies have included various religions, their histories, and beliefs.

Pastor’s Class

This class, offered by Pastor Paul Seal, has discussed “How the Bible Came to Us,” the Bible, “Men and Women of the Bible,” Books/letters of the New Testament, selected Christian book studies, and currently are discussing Prayer.