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100 Bible Personalities…

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By Raymond L Ticknor

“The story of the Bible is told through the Bible personalities who lived it.  The 60 Old Testament and the 40 New Testament personalities are listed more or less chronologically to give continuity to this story.”   RLT

Write down two (2) correct answers for each personality.  Correct  answers are found on the contact  page

81. Sapphira   Acts 5:  1-11

          a   conspired with her husband to cheat God

          b  knowingly lied to Peter

          c   husband was Aquila

         d   had a son in her old age

          e   a woman of good works and acts of charity

82   Gamaliel     Acts   5:  33-42,    21:  37,    22: 5

          a   great grandson of Herod the Great

          b   Paul’s famous teacher

          c   investigated the nail prints

          d   kept Paul in prison for two years

           e   worried about opposing God

83.    Stephen     Acts  6:  1-15,    7:51 to 8:  1

           a   beheaded by Herod

           b   well acquainted with navigational methods

           c   first Christian martyr

           d   “full of grace and power”

           e   tried to walk on water

84.    Phillip    Acts  6:  1-15,   8:  26-40,  21:  7-14

            a    led an Ethiopian to Christ

           b    one of the 7 chosen to serve as a deacon

           c    Mary and Martha’s brother

           d   a comfort to Paul

           e.  escaped the death penalty

           d   killed by jealous Joab

           e   mother promised him to priesthood


Permission to use given by Raymond Ticknor

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