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100 Bible Personalities…

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By Raymond L Ticknor

“The story of the Bible is told through the Bible personalities who lived it.  The 60 Old Testament and the 40 New Testament personalities are listed more or less chronologically to give continuity to this story.”   RLT

Write down two (2) correct answers for each personality.  Correct  answers are found on the contact  page

33. Samuel    I Samuel 3: 1-10    7: 6           Acts  13: 20

         a   murdered in his bed

          b   mistook God’s voice for Eli’s

          c   last judge, first prophet

          d   foretold a child called “Wonderful”

          e   dreamed of ladders to heaven

34.  Saul (OT)  I Sam  10: 17-24          28: 3-19

          a   tore down the alter at night

          b   died of broken neck

          c    fled to Tarshiah

          d   consulted a medium

           e   the first king of Israel

35.  Jonathan   I Sam.  19: 1-7         31: 1-4

           a   died with father in battle

           b   covered his father’s nakedness

           c   son ot Bathsheba

           d   warned David of Saul’s intent

           e   caused Israel to sin and eat idol’s food

36.  Abner    II Sam.   3: 22-39

        a   David mourned him as a “prince and great man”

          b   revealed Adonijah’s plot to David

           c   became a fugitive in Nod

           d   killed by jealous Joab

           e   mother promised him to priesthood


Permission to use given by Raymond Ticknor

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