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100 Bible Personalities…

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By Raymond L Ticknor

“The story of the Bible is told through the Bible personalities who lived it.  The 60 Old Testament and the 40 New Testament personalities are listed more or less chronologically to give continuity to this story.”   RLT

Write down two (2) correct answers for each personality.  Correct  answers are found on the contact  page

93.  Priscilla   Acts 18: 1-28,     Romans 16:  1-5

          a   Paul and Silas visited her after being released from prison

          b  wife of Zechariah

          c   Greek name was Gazelle

         d   church met in her home

          e   taught Apollos the way of God

94.   Apollos   Acts 18:  24-29

          a   voice of one crying in the wilderness           

         b   wrote to Claudius about Paul

          c   taught by Aquila and Priscilla

          d   knew only the baptism of John

          e   a God-fearing Centurion

95.   Demetrius   Acts 19:  23-41

           a   cried out to Jesus from the roadside

           b   caused a near riot in Ephesus

           c   run-a-way slave

           d   a silversmith who made idols

           e   hung himself

96.    Felix   Acts 23:  23-30,   24:  1-27

            a   sought payment for Paul’s freedom

           b     known as the Italian Cohort

           c     sought a fair trial for Jesus

           d   wife warned him of her dream

           e.  Had rather accurate knowledge of the Way

           d   killed by jealous Joab

           e   mother promised him to priesthood


Permission to use given by Raymond Ticknor

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